Our Story

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Dan Lowry spent the 1980s and 1990s as an Executive Chef (Somerset Inn), Corporate Chef/Director of Operations (Fishbone’s, Downtown Detroit), and restaurant owner (Lowry’s Restaurant). Along the way, he carried with him a passion for quality taste and service. Dan quickly learned that some of the obstacles that he faced in the “back of the house” were shared by many other chefs. Most notably was the lack of consistency and variety in the spices he and his fellow chefs had to work with. Knowing he could create a better experience for all chefs, Dan set out to source and blend the finest and freshest spices from around the world. With this, the mission of Red Goose Spice Company was created and put in motion in 2002.


Red Goose Spice Company avoids common suppliers whose plants’ origins and harvest times are often unknown.  We purchase exclusively from growers and suppliers who can provide us with every detail about their spice ingredients’ sources. Knowing everything about a crop’s growth, rotation, and harvesting allows Red Goose to guarantee safe food guidelines and practices. After we know that a crop meets our meticulous standards, we select based upon color, flavor, and aroma to produce consistent spices and blends that eliminate guesswork for both professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts.


Red Goose Spice Company’s unique recipes are inspired by, and created for, chefs of all varieties and styles. Our team of culinarians uses its decades of professional kitchen experience to enhance our highly sought-after spices, creating one-of-a-kind formulas and recipes that excite all the senses. Many Red Goose clients demand proprietary blends for their restaurants and kitchens, so we test and re-test each until it is perfected and chef-approved. By stocking these blends, you eliminate the time-consuming and inconsistent task of creating your own small batches, ensuring your signature dishes can be replicated to perfection time and time again.


As a customer of Red Goose Spice Company, you invite us into your kitchen, and that is a privilege we do not take lightly. In exchange, we promise unparalleled customer service. Because your shelf space is valuable, our team will create, troubleshoot, and deliver until your satisfaction is ours. That’s what a deliberately small team can be – nimble, proactive, and attentive to every detail.

For every spice and blend they need, your recipes deserve the Red Goose difference.


Red Goose Spice Company

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