What We Stand For

We purchase only from growers who supply us with critical details about crop growth, rotation, and harvesting.


Not only does Red Goose offer a broad range of herbs and spices, including products larger manufacturers won’t carry, but we only purchase from growers and suppliers who provide us with critical details about crop growth, rotation, and harvesting. It’s not just about vibrancy and flavor; it’s about food safety as well.

We package a range of house blends you just can’t get anywhere else, custom blends specified by creative chefs for their own kitchens, and retail spices sold by grocers in private label ranges.

And because the end results matter, we make our chefs available to consult with restaurants and food service businesses in developing workable solutions for their kitchens. In fact, many chefs rely on us to deliver mixes and blends we helped them develop over the years. Our service is reliable and eliminates the time-consuming and often inconsistent task of creating small batches that ensure signature dishes are replicated to perfection every time.


Everything we sell is processed, blended, and packaged by professionals who have formal culinary education and meaningful experience in the kitchen. We hire this way because it takes this kind of individual to fulfill our passion for creativity, attention to detail, and consistent preparation of quality products. We take pride in our creations, just like you!


We may be an anthill compared to the monolithic brands that dominate the trade. But we’ve grown large enough to move the volume needed to adhere to our freshness standards—and to price at a discount relative to the majors. In fact, we sell in all 50 states. Being small means we can find quality ingredients to maintain the quality we demand. We reject substandard deliveries. We’re flexible and helpful. And our customers become friends. We care if your food comes out the way your customers like it!


Cooking is more than a career. It’s a creative outlet. And ingredients to the chef are like paints to a fine artist. We know you’re driven by self-expression, creating personal and unique dishes you can present with pride. We exist to empower this process in every kitchen we serve. It’s authentic. And it helps you get to “wow”!