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Red Goose Welcomes Cattleman’s Meats as Another Valued Customer

Having great partners in the business world is not only a blessing, but an affirmation that you’re doing something right.

At the Red Goose Spice Company, one of our missions is to partner with Chef’s, restauranteurs, clubs, hotels, and major food service corporations throughout the United States to provide them with the seasonings they count on to provide the high-quality dishes on their menus.

Not JUST containers of oregano, granulated garlic, or paprika, but custom blended seasonings, rubs, flours and mixes as well.

All destined to be used throughout their facility, in many different ways, to produce innumerous products they prepare for their customers.

Chefs who work in the ever-growing Gourmet Grocery Retail sector of the food service business, not only see products from The Red Goose Spice Company in their kitchens, but on their grocery store shelves as well.

Both Red Goose and Savvy Goose provide retail packaged products to give the “every day” cook at home “Chef”, the opportunity to use the same seasonings that the “pros” use.

Two examples located in the Southeast, Detroit are the four Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace stores and more recently, Cattleman’s Meats, located in Centerline and Taylor, Michigan.

In both cases, the retail products produced by Savvy Goose are under the Savvy Goose brand, while all the traditional herbs, spices and blends uses for everyday cooking are produced and co-packed by Red Goose under the Salvaggio and Cattleman’s brand labels respectively.

Both markets also take advantage of Red Goose’s ability to create proprietary blends which are only offered at their locations.

Executive Chef Michael Key’s, at Cattleman’s Meats not only oversees all of the cold prepared foods offered in both full and packaged self-service, but full-service hot foods counter, an a la carte café menu, as well as their tremendously popular smokehouse and barbecue offerings sold at the store.

Beyond using the Red Goose brand herbs and spices for all of his recipes, Chef Key’s also worked with Red Goose to create a proprietary seasoning flour for his fried chicken, as well as his rubs for his smokehouse products.

Considering the many ways Red Goose and Savvy Goose can provide solutions to all your kitchen’s seasoning and coating requirements, both are excellent choices to consider as partners in your food service or retail grocery business.

American Culinary Federation Thanks Red Goose for Its Support

American Culinary Federation acknowledges Red Goose’s second annual top-level sponsorship of its Master Chef Exam

The American Culinary Federation announced today that one candidate for its Master Chef Certification successfully completed the rigorous nine-day exam to earn his Certified Master Chef designation. Timothy Bucci, of Lacroix, Louisiana, advanced through all eight required competencies to earn his CMC designation.

ACF thanked Red Goose Spice Company for its top-tier sponsorship of the exam and noted that this was the second year in a row that Red Goose provided this level of support.

Chef Dan Lowry, founder of Red Goose, said how “pleased everyone at Red Goose is to be able to participate in this important event, and we hope to continue our support of it for many years to come.” Chef Lowry is also an instructor in Culinary Arts at Detroit’s Macomb Community College. “I’ve always believed in the importance of formal culinary education. I think it gives students a broader perspective and deeper understanding of many aspects of the cooking sector. It qualifies them at a higher level for almost any kind of food service career. I would say 90 percent of Red Goose employees have graduated or are enrolled in some form of culinary program.”

Established in 1929, the American Culinary Federation is the premier professional chefs’ organization in North America with more than 17,500 members in over 150 chapters nationwide.